We love developing people, facilitating human development, facilitating the design of work cultures that inspire growth.

Human and Organization Development Services

The Human Element, LLC supports organizations based in Japan, and the Asia Pacific region in achieving their business goals.  Our network of coaches, consultants, and academic advisers employ:

  • best-practice organization and people development approaches 
  • hand’s-on knowledge of globalizing business cultures in Asia
  • a deep commitment to practice excellence in the region (expressed in research and practice group sponsorship and participation)

Our Mission:

The International Non-Directive Coaching Society exists to investigate and promote the essence and activity of coaching as a non-directive aid process.  This process is guided by the coach, while being driven by the client and is characterized by:

  • reflective conversation
  • action
  • enhancement of the client’s ability to discover, create, and deploy tacit knowledge to solve problems and achieve goals
  • sustained positive changes based on self-directed learning 

We practice in a self-managed, international network of practitioners and scholars committed to the principles of non-directivity in the activity of coaching.  

These principles are embodied in a codified methodology, which is based on a coherent historical review, and theoretical and ethical frameworks. 

We understand that investigating, discussing, reviewing and criticizing freely and respectfully any matter related to the practice of coaching, and working voluntarily for the common cause of creating, developing and encouraging or promoting training, products or services aligned with the principles of non-directive coaching is the best way to ensure the continued evolution in and systematization of this practice.

Our Current Goals:

  • Expand our self-managed, non-directive coaching network worldwide, and according to the principles outlined above.  
  • Manifest in all our actions, inside and outside the network, a clear, honest and direct utilization of non-directive coaching principles.
  • Create, develop and promote (from the whole group, subgroups or at individual level) ideas and practices based on non-directive coaching.
  • Engage in self-managed collaborations between adhered coaches to develop products, services or events, which align with our mission and vision.

Our Values: (fundamental principles that govern our behavior):

  • Freedom

  • Responsibility /Accountability

  • Coherence

What makes The Human Element different?

With The Human Element, the consultant facilitates the client in thinking through the individual’s set agenda. The individual then applies their own knowledge and expertise to reach the desired outcome. 

What is Non-Directive Consulting?

Non-directive consulting is essentially structured problem solving and it is facilitative. The consultant only has to really know how to help the individual learn and figure out issues

Our Practice Model

This model represents the non-directive coaching position, around which our members align in their coaching work, and the theoretical development and systematization of our practice.

This model contrasts the most common directive approaches, where an expert transfers their own knowledge or experience: the «what» of things through pure training; the «how» of things through pure consultancy or advice; and specific «experience» in relation to things through pure mentoring,


methodologically opposite process by which the coach (without passing judgment on the content of the conversation and or transferring knowledge or experience), enables their client to act creatively in the discovery or creation of the «what» of things; the «how» of things (innovation), and the necessary «experience» (development). 

While the first method (directive) concerns itself with explicit and articulable knowledge, the second (non-directive) focuses on the empowerment of tacit or implicit knowledge.

CEO & Principal Consultant

Leslie Taylor, M.A., Founder and Principal Consultant of The Human Element, LLC is a native Californian who has lived and worked in Japan, and across Asia for over twenty years.  Her professional background includes research and practice management roles in Legal Services, Senior HR consulting roles (Global Assignment Management) and as Lead Assessor, and a Coaching Practice Champion with Personnel Decisions International (now, Korn Ferry, PDI).

She created The Human Element as a vehicle for Asia-focused research, and for the co-creation with clients of coaching and organizational development solutions that are appropriate to Asian business cultures, and globalizing business cultures in Asia.  Our team of coaches, consultants and academic advisors partner in research projects, and program design and delivery.

Leslie has held leadership roles in the ACCJ, ANZCCJ, and she presents on the topics of Executive Coaching & Organization Development at conferences in Asia.  She holds a B.A. degree from the University of the Pacific, (Humanities/Asian Studies), Junior Year, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, and an M.A. degree from Fielding Graduate University (Organization Management & Development), focus:  design of system coaching solutions (Asian cultural contexts).