We love developing people, facilitating human development, facilitating the design of work cultures that inspire growth.


  • People, organizations, societies have ample undiscovered resources by which to move forward in the accomplishment of their goals.
  • It is the role of the coach to facilitate the discovery and optimization of these resources, nothing more, and nothing less.
  • Good ideas come from everywhere – across disciplines, across cultures.
  • Current models (practice and business) in the coaching and consulting fields are impeding the discovery and utilization of potentially abundant resources.



  • Re-thinking coaching practice models based on true principles of non-directivity;
  • Enlisting multiple resources, and diverse perspectives in this ‘re-framing’ of coaching, and ancillary fields;
  • Listening to the deep wisdom of our clients, and engaging with them in intrepid searches for resources, and ingenious solutions
  • Refraining from bringing personal agendas to client engagement;
  • Partnering with people/providers of like mind;

What makes The Human Element different?

With The Human Element, the consultant facilitates the client in thinking through the individual’s set agenda. The individual then applies their own knowledge and expertise to reach the desired outcome. 

What is Non-Directive Consulting?

Non-directive consulting is essentially structured problem solving and it is facilitative. The consultant only has to really know how to help the individual learn and figure out issues

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Leslie Taylor, M.A. is the Founder and Principal Consultant of The Human Element, LLC a Tokyo-based boutique consultancy which focuses on accelerating the development of Japanese and expatriate leaders who serve in organizations in Japan, and in the international branches of Japanese MNC’s. We address the needs of individual leaders and their organizations through executive coaching, group coaching, and business-driven action learning.

Recent projects — participatory action research “Reflections on the ‘Global’ in Global Leadership; insights from Japan’s International leaders” (publication, 2018); design and facilitation of a high-impact leadership development programs (Japanese women leaders) (Naideshiko Award candidates); development of ‘globalization’ strategies for ‘going gobal’ Japanese MSE’s; development of a cloud-coaching platform. Currently certifying as Master Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Counsel.

Leslie is passionate about two things, human and organization development in globalizing Japanese firms, and the Japan branches of international firms — and, the development of a new cadre of leaders: Japanese women, and front-line leaders. She brings to this significant experience in legal services; global assignment management, talent management, coaching and organization development.

Leslie has held leadership roles in the ACCJ, ANZCCJ, and she presents on the topics of Executive Coaching & Organization Development at conferences in Asia.