Organizational Development

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Organizational Development

Our organization development practice focuses on helping Japan-based organizations achieve effective global operation. Our key emphasis is assisting clients in not just meeting their goals but in learning the problem solving skills necessary to sustain development. To accomplish this, our practitioners and advisers are:

-Engaging in ongoing research in the local community;

-Utilizing local research, extensive practical experience, and global best practice models for generate solutions appropriate for Japan’s evolving business needs;

-Co-creating with clients solutions that linked to strategic business needs and tangible business goals/metrics.

Organization Development & Change Management -- working with senior leaders, leadership teams, and committees to:

  • Implement new business models and systems across borders;
  • Transition teams from silo’ed work to effective cross-functional and cross-border engagement;
  • Develop and sustain ‘innovation’ culture; (toolkit) password protected
  • Develop effective global branding strategies (internal, external); (toolkit) password protected

Talent Management – working with HR and senior leadership teams to:

  • Define organizational values, and key competencies
  • Design of flexible and effective global talent strategies, and systems;
  • Identify and rapidly develop key global talent;
  • Accelerate development of women and Generation “Y’ employees as fully-engaged organization contributors. (toolkit) password protected
  • Tool Kits


Global Culture Building

In working with Japan-based clients to develop global leaders and cultures, we often encounter immature branding practices.

We know that building a global brand in Japanese ‘born global’ and ‘emerging global’ organizations sometimes requires changes in perception regarding ‘what is a brand?’. Effective global branding:

  • is driven by the CEO or executive leadership team
  • must involve and impact the entire business, its vision, goals
  • reflects and affects corporate culture
  • entails more than external communications (i.e., logos, advertising and public relations)
  • must involve an ongoing dialog with managers, employees, and customers

Our approach to brand building is based on molding an organization around the company leadership’s strategic vision by:

  • engaging in a disciplined internal assessment of current attitudes and practices
  • creating and sustaining a brand development strategy
  • supporting the mindset and behavioral changes necessary to achieve strategic goals

Many Japanese companies, however, have cultural and organizational features that can impede the implementation of a branding program. We understand these barriers and have developed an approach that enables organization leaders to develop and execute effective global branding strategies.