Our Resources

Our Business Affiliates

The Human Element, LLC partners with firms that are developing innovative solutions for coaches and their clients, or which are engaged in research and the development of coaching/training products that excite us.

Our Academic Sponsors

Prof. Kohei Nishikawa (Konan University)

Dr. Leonardo Ravier (International Non-Directive Coaching Society)

Our Coaching Platform

What is Coaching Cloud®?

The Human Element, LLC partners with CoachingCloud® to provide a private and secure environment in which clients and coaches can collaborate. 

What can I gain from this platform?

With CoachingCloud®, coaching participants can easily access a record of their work, and learning resources. Additionally, CoachingCloud® enables our corporate clients to easily track large-scale coaching initiatives, e.g. sessions completed. With CoachingCloud® we create custom-made content (for individuals and groups) that coaching participants can pick and choose from. 

Parties interested in learning more about CoachingCloud® and our online learning community may contact Leslie Taylor:  [email protected]