Our Solutions

Professional and Organisational Development

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching practice focuses on accelerating the development of leaders based in Japan, or across APAC, with a focus on facilitating the development of skills, attitudes and behaviors that characterize effective global leaders.

Focus areas include:

Role Transition – new geography, greater span of control
Accelerated Growth – high-impact, and targeted development of key leadership skills
Leading Global Workgroups – effective cross-cultural communication, culture building, system integration
Women Leaders – developing and utilizing a signature leadership voice, building a personal brand
Influencing Skills, Political Savvy – utilizing ‘positive’ politics to effect organizational change
Influencing Skills, Political Savvy – utilizing ‘positive’ politics to effect organizational change

Group Coaching

Executive Team Alignment & Development
Regional Work Groups – Skill Development Cultural Integration

Focus areas include:

Leadership team alignment and performance acceleration
Systemic team coaching – coaching the team and the individuals
Cross team collaboration and alignment (across functions & businesses)
Business model transformation
Integrating international teams and workgroups (Japanese firms)

Accelerator Programs

Our Accelerator programs target the development of key leadership skills in emerging leaders in Asia.

Focus areas include:

Cross-cultural communication skills – developing and communicating clear leadership messages
Developing individuals and teams (across borders)
Influencing and Negotiation Skills (effective international conversations)

Cultural Development

The most successful organizations are those that are able align their culture to their strategy. The challenge entailed in this task increases exponentially as firms operate across boundaries and cultures. While many international firms have approached this challenge by, essentially, by adopting ‘American’ models, we recognize that this solution may not be adequate to the needs of globalizing Asian firms.

Starting at the top with the CEO and the Executive team, we are highly experienced at enabling the delivery of a new strategy to an organization at every level – inspiring and motivating to ensure that everyone operates at their best.

Focus areas include:

Organizational Assessment – cultural assessment, systems assessment, talent review
Alignment of Senior Leadership Teams – including the voices/insights of all stakeholders
High-impact coaching – cross-functional leadership and team building, generating new cultures